Tyranny Belle Records presents:

Summer Jams 2008

  1. Dr Teeth and the Electric Mayhem - In the Summertime
  2. Dubious Moniker - The Grass is Greener
  3. The Footage - My Own Summer
  4. Dubious Moniker - Beach Balls
  5. The Tyranny Belles - Tipsy
  6. Dubious Moniker - Dartboard
  7. Children's Masterpiece Theatre - Black Tattoo
  8. Dubious Moniker - Day is Done (Live)
  9. Children's Masterpiece Theatre - Kew Gardens
Released 2008-07-29; Produced and engineered by T O'Connell.
Executive production by A Bamford and B Monson.

Additional notes:
"In the Summertime" by R Dorset
    Animal - drums
    Dr Teeth - beatbox, vocals, kazoo, mandolin, slide bass, washboard
    F Bear - guitarmonies
"Grass is Greener" by A Bamford
    A Bamford - guitar, ukelele
    T O'Connell - drums
"My Own Summer" by C Moreno and Deftones
    T O'Connell - drums, vocals
    N Winter - acoustic guitar, vocals
"Beach Balls" by A Bamford
    A Bamford - guitars, vocals
    P Celauro - electric guitar, slide guitar
    A Jordan - bass
    T O'Connell - drums
    N Winter - add. guitar
"Tipsy" by J Kwon
    A Bamford - gang vocals, add. percussion, thumb piano
    T O'Connell - drums, gang vocals, add. percussion
    B Monson - slide bass, vocals
"Dartboard" by A Bamford
    A Bamford - acoustic guitar, bass, trumpet, vocals
    P Celauro - add. production
    T O'Connell - drums, gang vocals
    N Winter - gang vocals
"Black Tattoo" by T O'Connell
    K Hines - vocals
    T O'Connell - guitars, drums, synth
"Day is Done" by A Bamford, R wukovits
Recorded at Double Door, 2007-01-06
    A Bamford - acoustic guitar, vocals
    P Celauro - electric guitar, add. vocals
    G Manolis - drums
    P Walsh - bass
    R Wukovits - vocals
"Kew Gardens" by T O'Connell
    T O'Connell - drums, add. programming, synth, vocals

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